About Us

PatchPocket was started as a labor of love. 

Craig and Adam McDaniel have ran a number of different Boy Scout-related websites since 2005. Craig was “bitten” with by the Patch collecting bug and started to collect a number of different things

He noticed that was a lack of Patch Collecting Resources out there especially for his own Council and Lodge. He start a series of patch collecting guides called Guide to Collecting.

The Guide to Collecting series became a hit with those looking to track their collections. In about 2015 Craig asked Adam if there was a way to put the guides on your phone so it was easier to take around and something that could be updated. At the time it was extremely costly to build apps for the phone.

Craig passed away in 2020 and Adam became determined to see Craig’s desire through of having an app where Patch Collector could track their collections. 

And that’s how PatchPocket was born.

We hope you enjoy using the app and hope that it will help you find all your needs.

Thanks Dad! We love you!